Obligatory Fall Foliage Photos

For somebody with a graduate degree in photography, I am a horrible picture-taker. I blame grad school, actually; it’s like unless I can justify my purpose for taking a photo to a room full of world-weary New York City artists, I just don’t take it. It doesn’t help that I never seem to have my camera in hand during the most obvious moments, so it’s actually a miracle that there are photos on this blog at all. And if the subject matter is REALLY obvious and sentimental, like Fall foliage in Vermont, just forget it.

Except that it’s really beautiful here right now. The girls are getting tired of me exclaiming, “Look around! This is gorgeous! Can you believe we get to live here?!?” every time we leave the house. So here are a few snapshots of what is, apparently, a pretty ho-hum year for Vermont foliage. If that’s really the case, I’m going to need some barbituates to get through next Fall.

So, crank up “Moonlight in Vermont,” light a fire, sit back with a hot apple toddy, and enjoy!

Our Backyard
Our Front Yard
The Playground
Campbell at the Battell Woods trailhead
Into the Woods
Looking for fairies in an old stump
Why Fiona isn't in any of the hiking photos. (Georgia was strapped to my chest).

Oh, and also, last weekend we hiked for an hour in our backyard. Can you believe we get to live here?!?

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