Fall Fun with Grandmommy & Granddaddy

This is what we see these days when we pull out of our driveway:

So when Grandmommy & Granddaddy Gong came from California for a 2-week visit, there was lots of Fall fun to be had! Like baking:

And choosing Halloween costumes:

It's going to be a double-princess year!

And pumpkin picking:

The grand finale was the corn maze. And you know how you heap expectations upon events? You imagine that the corn maze will be a time of family harmony and laughter and hugs, something they’ll always remember with nostalgia? Well, it was fun, particularly playing in the corn box and taking a hay wagon ride before the corn maze. But the corn maze was huge, and what these pictures don’t show is how three tired, hungry, and bathroom-needing girls had to be carried out of the corn maze just minutes after we started it.

Campbell in the corn box.
The hay ride (actually MUCH more fun than this picture indicates!)
Entering the corn maze.
And, they're off!
A fun interlude in the corn maze.

They’ll remember that the corn maze was fun. Erick and I will remember that just because an experience doesn’t meet the parents’ expectations doesn’t mean that it was a failure. And that often, the best moments are those that you don’t plan at all.

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