My view every day while washing dishes.

My view every day while washing dishes.

Middlebury Bagel & Deli. Freshly made bagels, doughnuts, and breakfast dishes. Our girls’ favorite is the chocolate-frosted doughnut, which they’ll custom-make if you ask. (TIP: Look for the teddy-bear-shaped cloud in the ceiling mural!)

Carol’s Hungry Mind Cafe. This is really the only cafe in town, so when I manage to get out of the house, it’s where I go to write. Bonus perks: Good local coffee and scones. If you see me here, my brain is likely somewhere else.

Otter Creek Bakery. My favorite place to take the girls for a mommy date. Butter cookies for them, a chocolate croissant for me, and family harmony reigns. Added bonus: outdoor seating in warm weather.

The Vermont Book Shop. I love supporting our local bookstore. They’ll happily order anything you don’t see on the shelves.

Junebug. A nonprofit children’s used clothing boutique. We’ve found beautiful steals here!

Farmhouse Prints. Gorgeous prints and notecards, handmade by a great local mama.

Zephyr. We know and love every member of this local bluegrass/folk quartet. We try to squeeze in a date night whenever they’re playing.

Elmer Farm. The family that runs this farm are our friends and neighbors. They do a CSA pickup that’s part of our weekly schedule from May-October. I love choosing my own fresh flowers and vegetables, and the girls love playing on the farm while I do!

Minibury. An absolute gem of a resource for any Addison County parent, this website is the brainchild of a local mom and pulls together local events, information on camps and classes, and parenting resources all in one place.

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