Belonging and Becoming by Mark and Lisa Scandrette

We met Mark and Lisa briefly when we lived in Berkeley, and their family exemplifies the concept of living with purpose. This is a great guide to creating a thriving family culture, with lots of discussion questions for date nights!


The Unsettling of America by Wendell Berry

I can’t get enough of Wendell Berry! In this amazing book, first published in 1977, Berry essentially predicted the decline of American culture, communities, and the environment due to the replacement of small, sustainable agriculture by agribusiness. A very interesting read in light of the 2016 Presidential election….


At this point, I no longer listen to music unless it’s the Frozen soundtrack. BUT, when I do have time to listen, and when I’m able to wrest my iPod away from my daughters, I love listening to the “On Being” podcasts on NPR. Definitely check on Krista Tippett’s unedited interview with Brene Brown!


A Holy Experience


Annie and Aunt (A great resource for children’s/young adult literature)

Long Distance Lobsters


On the Willows

Julie Yip Williams (A college classmate who was recently diagnosed with cancer, and is writing a beautiful and inspiring blog about it)

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  1. Hello Pickle Patch,
    I stumbled upon your blog while surfing through the internet and I love the simplicity of this site where you share your daily experiences with your family to the world.
    I mean, most of the blogs I read are either tips or how to’s, so it’s kind of relaxing to see a completely personal post about life in general.

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