Things That Are Scary:

1. Snow TWICE before Halloween!

Sure, it all melted. The girls were thrilled. But it’s still kind of wrong.

Campbell checking out the view.
The view itself.
Gong Girls in their winter gear.
Georgia, with Boom, after experiencing her first snowfall. Clearly thinking: what's up with this?

2. Halloween.

This year, the girls had a multi-day Halloween. It began with the “Trick or Read” party for Middlebury College families, continued with the Middlebury town “Spooktacular” (featuring a Halloween parade in which all the kids trick or treat at the businesses on Main Street), and concluded with trick-or-treating on the actual night with their friend Ruth. They had a blast, and the amount of candy is truly scary. We’re handling it with our usual stern parental authority…combined with our “stealth candy relocation operation.”

Here are the two big  girls in their princess costumes. Sadly, we had NO time to take pictures during the actual trick-or-treating, because the 4 adults in attendance were all completely occupied with chasing Campbell. It was like somebody wound her up and let her go; she charged from house to house along the length of South Street until she stopped abruptly an hour later. (Favorite Campbell moment: at one of the first houses we hit, she knocked on the door and, when it was opened by a friendly, candy-bearing resident, charged right past him and into the house. It took some convincing to get her out, too. As best we can figure, she suspected a hidden candy supply).

Georgia was dressed as a guinea pig (her sisters’ nickname for her), but of course we have no pictures. Fate of the third child. But if you take another look at her in the picture of her first snow, and then imagine her in brown, you’ll get the idea.

The three girls with their three pumpkins.

3. Boom Going Boom.

Nana and Boom came to visit us for a week to help out while Erick was at a seminar in Toronto. Their visit was set to end immediately following Halloween. However, the weekend before Halloween, Boom climbed up a 20-foot extension ladder with a chainsaw in order to take down a birch tree that was bending ominously over our driveway. If you think that sounds like a bad idea, you’d be right; he got the tree down, but he came down, too. We now know that birch trees are notoriously soft and unpredictable; when the top of the tree fell to the ground, the bottom snapped back and Boom went flying through the air. He is INCREDIBLY lucky that he “only” broke 4 ribs and 2 vertebrae.

As of this writing, Boom has just been released after 4 days in the hospital here in Middlebury. He’s resting here at our house, and we’re making plans for his recuperation. He and Nana are doing well, considering, and the girls have been delighted to have TWO ambulance visits in one week, multiple trips to the hospital, and have their grandparents here for longer than expected.

Boom sitting (a big deal) with his princesses post-Halloween.

All of which goes to show that scary things, when looked at from the right perspective, can actually be kind of fun!

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