In Which I Butcher Some Chickens


“So, what does one wear to butcher chickens?” I asked my friend Courtney over the phone. We were confirming our plans for the following night; I was focusing on the priorities. (The answer, in case you were wondering, is: anything that you don’t mind coming into contact with blood, guts, feathers, and – above all – that chicken smell.)

Courtney had emailed the week before: “Do you want to butcher three chickens with me? Your family could have the three chickens for your freezer. I have a vegetarian friend with three meat birds….”

Who would pass up an invitation like that? Not me.

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One thought on “In Which I Butcher Some Chickens

  1. Bryan Alexander

    Excellent description, Faith. I nodded at every paragraph of the process, as it matched my experience. The endless feathers, the potent sacs, the sheer amount of time, the realization about meat sourcing: oh yeah.

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