Minibury Guest Post: Meet the Parent!

Meet the Parent icon

Okay, more new and exciting things are happening over here! Feels like spring!

Right around the time we moved to Middlebury, a local mom named Eliza started a website/blog called Minibury. Minibury has quickly become the go-to site for local parents. It pulls together everything you need to navigate central Vermont with kids: activities, camps, announcements, parenting resources, and more.

Eliza is now on maternity leave with her third child, so I’ll be doing some guest-posting for Minibury over the next couple of months. I decided to start a mini-series called “Meet the Parent!” as a way of introducing local parents and giving them a platform to share their own experiences. (This should be a nice break for regular readers, because — for a change — you don’t have to hear about my own experiences and opinions!)

First up is one of my newest friends, Julie Barry. Meet Julie here! You’ll be glad you did.

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