An American Childhood

Here is how our Chinese/Italian/Anglo-Saxon girls spent the holiday weekend:

On Friday they had soccer (origin: China). But perhaps I should clarify: “Lil’ Kickers Summer Soccer” bears little resemblance to what one would traditionally think of as soccer; rather, it is an informal group of 30 2- to 5-year-olds who kick soccer balls around a field for an hour. The only rule, which is frequently broken, is that no hands are allowed. But there are t-shirts (made in Nicaragua).

That afternoon we set off for the “big city” of Burlington, where we had to return some items. While strolling around the Church Street district, it was clear how quickly our girls have become small town hayseeds when they begged me to take their picture with this exciting store mannequin at The Gap (a store native to California, like the Gong Girls).

Famished from so much excitement, we headed to GoLoco for some “Mexican” food (quotations because I doubt that the food at GoLoco would pass muster as Mexican in California).

On Saturday, we took our beloved Japanese minivan, “Greenie,” to the pristene shores of Lake Dunmore.

Following an afternoon of swimming and a picnic dinner, we repaired to the Kampersville Deli for some ice cream (origin: Persia).

And then it was time for our all-American girls to dance. On the actual 4th of July, we enjoyed a cookout with some new friends, but were so busy having fun that we neglected to take pictures. Happy Independence Day to all!

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