If I had to sum up my resume in two words, they would be: “Bopping Around.”

I’ve bopped around in careers, from elementary school teacher to freelance photographer to nonprofit manager.

I’ve bopped around in location, from suburban Connecticut to Manhattan to Berkeley, California.

Thankfully, the bopping didn’t translate to my relationships: I married a wonderful man over a decade ago.  In 2011, after spending most of our lives in major urban areas, we moved across the country to a small town in the middle of Vermont. We live down a long dirt driveway at the foot of the Green Mountains with our five children, assorted chickens and ducks, a feisty cat, and a neurotic labradoodle.

I think the bopping stops here. I love the most what I’m doing right now: living in Vermont, homeschooling my daughters, caring for our animals and our garden — and writing when I have time! Should you wish to read more of my thoughts, my writing has also appeared in The Longridge ReviewOn the Willows , Minibury, and The Addison Independent.

10 thoughts on “ABOUT FAITH

  1. Lexie Mullins

    Faith, I love your blog! I really enjoyed reading your stories, and I LOVE your new house!! It’s so beautiful. Vermont sounds and looks lovely! I grew up in a small town in California and I loved it and I miss it. Reading about your journeys makes me pine for that slow-paced beautiful country forest life! Congrats to Erick on the job and both of you on the newest Gong addition!

    1. The Gongs

      Thanks, Lexie! Great to hear from you and hope you guys are doing well down in San Diego! We’ll be thinking of you jealously around February, I’m sure 🙂

  2. Suszanne Dozier-Briseno

    Dear Faith,

    I love your blog and the wonderful pix of your children and house. Yes, Vermont IS spectacular in the fall! And the winter and the spring and the summer! The continued triple-digit heat and drought in Houston is getting to be a bit much. I could really use some Vermont days!

    Love to you and yours,
    Suszanne Dozier-Briseno

  3. Cory

    I am a California native, but I lived near Brattleboro for 4 yrs. Look forward to reading this. Imiss VT, black ice and all.

    1. Faith

      Thanks, Cory! You should definitely be able to relate to our CA/VT culture shock, then. Haven’t made it down to the Brattleboro area yet, but hear it’s a great town.

  4. Lynn Kiel

    Faith, I loved your last 2 posts! I can’t believe how the resonated with me….Since I last commented on your posts, we have sold our house and are preparing for our move to Middlebury next summer! There is a slight chance it could all fall through, but we are taking a chance and moving forward with FAITH that this will all happen for us…NO REGRETS! I’m sure I will need some info from a “local” once time draws near so I may need your input on a few things. For instance….real estate agent? Feel free to reply via email. I can’t wait to sit and have coffee one day and meet those girls of yours. Hey,a and my daughter is 12 so can you say “BABYSITTER”??!! LOL

  5. jefflyme

    Faith, it is important that you know that there is no scientific validity to the belief that there is a “24-hour window that’s considered “safe” for the transmission of Lyme disease.” Please view the brief informative explanation found at https://youtu.be/296pVc5Zbxw. More scientifically-validated information about Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases can be found in our 8-page “Learn The Facts” publication found at http://www.jimapco.com/lyme/learnthefacts.pdf.


    Just finished reading your post about lice. I maybe known as the “Lice Lady” now but I still itch at the thought of lice. 🙂 I totally feel your pain and know exactly what you went through. So glad you mentioned using a lice comb to do checks. That’s the safest and best way to catch them pesky pests fast. Wishing you a great rest of the summer and PEST FREE hair!

    Jackie – Founder of KLEEN HAIR

  7. Ella Marie

    Your “Those People” is wonderful! Isn’t it funny, how we our minds lead us around, running the gamuts of emotion, as we observe and converse with ourselves about others when in so many ways others are us, and we are them. Thank you.

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