A Soundtrack for Reflection

I am less inclined, as time goes by, to put statements out on social media about current events. So many others are posting eloquent comments and helpful links online.  For me and for our family these past weeks have been a more intense continuation of a process of listening, seeking to understand, repenting, lamenting, and discerning our role moving forward — a process that began several years ago. Because sadly, as tragic as George Floyd’s killing is, it is not the first time something like this has happened.

We don’t tend to love words like “repent” and “lament.” They’re so Old Testament. Then again, the Old Testament may have some things to say about the state in which we find ourselves.

Over these weeks, I’ve been reflecting on prose and poetry, art, and music. One song that I’ve found particularly powerful for this moment is “Equally Skilled” by Jon Foreman. (Its text is taken entirely from Micah 7.) It may not speak to you like it did to me, but I wanted to share it, in case others find it helpful.

One thought on “A Soundtrack for Reflection

  1. thera

    Interesting to read and hear this today, after a discussion with the kids this morning about handedness! And in a time like this where so many (ourselves included) seem to be primarily seeking to justify our own righteousness.

    Although a very different context, it recalls the end of “John Wayne Gacy Jr”, when Sufjan sings
    “And in my best behavior /
    I am really just like him /
    Look beneath the floor boards /
    For the secrets I have hid”

    I often think of this with respect to my attitude towards the current administration, among other things. Am I any better? Or should I focus instead on repenting and living in grace?

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