A Little Scary


Hi there, readers.

Something a little scary happened today: Remember my Pickle Patch post from this past weekend, “An Open Letter to the Citizens of Berkeley”? Well, it quickly became my most-read post in history. Apparently it touched a nerve, mostly in a good way: In the two days after it was published people I didn’t know — people who live in Berkeley — were commenting on Facebook with lots of “Me, too!” And today, it’s been published in the opinion section of Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s online independent newspaper. 

This is not a total surprise to me: I knew that Berkeleyside was considering publishing the piece. I’d even gotten a kind email from one of their editors, Tracey (clearly not one of the Berkeleyites I’m writing about), who concluded with: “One thing: are you ready for the comments people might leave on this if we publish it? I hope I’m proved wrong, but some of those same people may well choose to share their views with you in the comments section.”  

I read Tracey’s email, and I responded that I’d be okay with that. Then I closed my computer and the next thing I did — truly — was to pray. It was the same prayer I’ve prayed lots of times now (most recently when we bought our new house in Vermont) and it went like this: “If this is supposed to happen, help me get through it. And if it isn’t supposed to happen, then that’s totally fine by me!”

It’s been several days since Tracey’s email, so I just assumed that it wasn’t happening. And that was fine by me. I had mixed feelings about this being my most popular piece, anyway: It’s a little angrier than the things I usually like to put out into the world.

Then, this afternoon, a friend alerted me that my piece was up on Berkeleyside.

So, I’m sitting here trying very hard not to read the comments section. But I’m also inviting you to go on over there and check it out, even if you’ve read it before. I made some changes to it that I think will make it stronger (not hard, since I cranked out and posted the first version in one hour!) And, you know, you’re also welcome to post a nice comment 😉

As we say around here, “Peace.”

4 thoughts on “A Little Scary

  1. stevanneauerbach2013

    Hi Faith
    Have lived here a long time, and also SF for a long time. and before that NYC (born and raised) and Washington DC. I have visited New England a number of times over many years. love it, and yes there are differences. When i was growing up the neighbors paid attention and responded kindly, Now many are nice and some are not and that applies to everywhere. I think your article took courage and hit a nerve. People are more stressed here and everywhere else otherwise they would not react so rudely, Examples abound in life and politics, Read your comments and others. This was also reported on Next Door– a helpful site attempting to support community. Its the age of the chip and often they land on people’s shoulders, minds and personalities. Thanks for sharing your experiences and now because you reached out with your experiences i signed up for your blog. Lets have coffee at Pete’s and let me give you a copy of my book ( i think you will enjoy it) and share some thoughts/ I hope will change your perceptions. Don’t want you to leave this amazing area and be stuck with responses due to rudeness, Contact me anytime stevanneauerbach@gmail.com

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