Radon: It’s a Gas!


Like most parents of young children, my husband and I block out the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day — dates that correspond roughly with the school winter vacation. During this two week period, we set aside our to-do lists, check email less frequently, and abandon our typical schedule in order to devote ourselves to more sacred pursuits, like celebrating the birth of Jesus, decorating candy canes to look like reindeer, and breaking up sibling quarrels that erupt every five minutes over nothing at all.

I never return to my to-do list so enthusiastically as I do when school resumes after the holidays. Buoyed along by the fresh energy of the new year, I’m ready to accomplish things that have nothing to do with whether the Calico Critters are distributed justly. Rarely am I so content to stay indoors and catch up on correspondence, tackle home improvement projects, and cook gallons of soup.

This new year, my husband wanted to tackle something that’s been on his to-do list since 2011: He wanted to fight radon.

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2 thoughts on “Radon: It’s a Gas!

  1. portlandtherapist

    I love your posts. Never a dull moment for you all! I hope your renewed energy continues throughout the coming months.


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    1. Faith

      Thank you so much! Hope you’re feeling some post-Ephiphany energy, too. We’re so excited that, a year from now, I’ll be writing “Faith in Vermont: California Edition!”

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