Riding for Home: Thoughts on Election Day


Because this column will run on Election Day, I feel compelled to write about local politics.

I typed that sentence, and then spent five minutes staring at my computer screen. The truth is, I’m terrified to write about politics.

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2 thoughts on “Riding for Home: Thoughts on Election Day

  1. Lynn Kiel

    Faith, I loved your last 2 posts! I can’t believe how the resonated with me….Since I last commented on your posts, we have sold our house and are preparing for our move to Middlebury next summer! There is a slight chance it could all fall through, but we are taking a chance and moving forward with FAITH that this will all happen for us…NO REGRETS! I’m sure I will need some info from a “local” once time draws near so I may need your input on a few things. For instance….real estate agent? Feel free to reply via email. I can’t wait to sit and have coffee one day and meet those girls of yours. Hey,a and my daughter is 12 so can you say “BABYSITTER”??!! LOL

    1. Faith

      Lynn! This is SUCH wonderful news!!!! I applaud your courage, and I don’t think you’ll regret it. Middlebury certainly isn’t perfect, nor is it the solution to all life’s problems, but it’s a wonderful community to be a part of. This is my favorite thing about the internet — how great that we met first via this blog, and soon we’ll probably get to meet in person! I’m sending you an email about realtors to the address that came with this comment, but please let me know if for some reason you don’t get it.

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