Minibury Guest Post: Meet the Parent VI

Meet the Parent icon

Maine Saville is one of those moms I see all the time around town at kid-related activities, but aside from a quick “hello,” or commenting on her very adorable newborn, I’ve never had much opportunity to talk with her. Whenever I do, she always makes me laugh.

Then last month I ran into Maxine at Junebug, and she said she’d been enjoying these “Meet the Parent” profiles; that she’d learned of a mom who’d just moved into her neighborhood through reading one. So I promptly recruited her to be my next profil-ee. (Lesson: Be careful about talking to me!)

I knew I’d made a good choice when Maxine emailed me her responses, prefaced by: I am on my phone in my driveway while kids sleep (ah, peace)! What parent can’t relate?

Click here to continue reading the latest in my “Meet the Parent” guest series for Minibury.

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