Minibury Guest Post: Meet the Parent III

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Welcome to the third installment of my “Meet the Parent!” guest series for Minibury! There are a couple of reasons why I’m excited about today’s profile:

  1. Jamie Gaucher is a father. Fathers are parents, too, and he’s the first to be featured in “Meet the Parent.” His wife nominated him to be interviewed. I love everything about this!
  1. Jamie and his family are a perfect example of why I wanted to do “Meet the Parent.” I met him and his wife, Elizabeth, when our daughters were in a week-long gymnastics camp together last summer. The Gauchers had recently moved to Vermont, and I wanted to be warm and welcoming. I was also trying to feed a six-week-old baby, contain a two-year-old, and convince my four- and five-year-olds that I was “watching” them do gymnastics. I promptly forgot all the Gauchers’ names, although I continued to see Elizabeth around town and greet her with a vague, “Hi, how are you?” Now, I will never forget their names again!

Click here to meet Jamie Gaucher, a father and Middlebury’s Director of Business and Development and Innovation. (Seems like a good person to get to know, right?)

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