Advent-ures: My 24 Days of Christmas


Life with four young children being what it is, I don’t spend much time looking ahead at the calendar. Most days I can tell you the number of minutes until bedtime, but I’d be hard pressed if you asked me the specifics of next week’s schedule – let alone what’s happening next month. This past November was a particularly busy month for our family, so all of my energy was focused on just getting through Thanksgiving.

Right after Thanksgiving, I ran into a friend at a Middlebury College family dinner. She asked about our holiday, and I said, “It was wonderful, and I’m feeling much more relaxed now that we’ve survived November.”

“That’s great!” she said, “November must’ve been pretty crazy if you’re feeling relaxed with only three weeks until Christmas.”

That’s how I learned that, this year, there were only three weeks – THREE WEEKS!! — between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Click here to continue reading about my 24 days of Christmas in my latest “Faith in Vermont” column for The Addison Independent.


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