Kindergarten and Community

Back To School

My oldest daughter begins kindergarten at our town’s public elementary school next week, so last spring I attended the school’s “Parent Information Night.” More than anything else in the past five years, attending a kindergarten information night made me feel like a grown up, like a MOM, …old. It’s one thing to have children and be responsible for their upbringing; it’s another thing to sit on plastic chairs in a stuffy music room and realize that you’re about to become part of an entirely new community: a school community, with its teachers and administrators and volunteer commitments and dates-to-remember.

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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten and Community

  1. Bryan Alexander

    So much of this post echoes in my life. I remember that feeling of being old, being a Parent, when sitting down on those little elementary school chairs.
    And now that I’ve been elected to the Ripton school board, and serve on the ACSU board, those class divisions are even more apparent to me.

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