Abigail Esther


Almost everyone who follows this blog has likely heard the news by now, but it seems appropriate to make a brief announcement here, with a few more details:

We are thrilled to announce that FINALLY, 10 days overdue, our beautiful new daughter/sister decided to make her appearance! 
Abigail Esther Gong
6 lbs, 14 oz
21 inches long
Born 3:27 AM on June 16 (Father’s Day!)
A word about her names:
Abigail was chosen by Erick, and appropriately means “the father’s joy.” It’s also a family name, appearing in both my maternal grandmother and grandfather’s lineage. And finally, Abigail is a strong Biblical female character who appears in 1 Samuel 25. She’s described as “beautiful and intelligent,” and she overrides her loutish husband’s rudeness by showing hospitality to David (whom she later marries after her husband is struck dead).
We’re going to try to stick with “Abigail” and avoid “Abby,” but really, what can you do?
Esther was chosen by our other daughters — because, frankly, we were all out of female middle names. They like the Biblical character of Queen Esther, who stopped a planned genocide of the Jews by bravely speaking up.
We already know that she has a mind of her own and doesn’t mind making people wait; now with the names of two powerful and brave women, it should be interesting to see how our fourth daughter turns out!
We’re all back at home and doing well. Fiona won’t let anybody else hold Abigail if she’s around. Campbell’s stated goal is “to teach Abigail about horses” (Today’s lesson: “NEVER walk BEHIND a horse, Abigail!”). Georgia is giving Abigail lots of sweet head-kisses, and then trying to poke her eyes out. Gracie went through an initial freak-out because she couldn’t understand why a little person was stuck to me, but she quickly figured out that Abigail was one of her people. Now, whenever Abigail so much as peeps, Gracie runs over and licks her head.
This little baby is already showing an amazing tolerance for noise and chaos, which will serve her well.
As for Erick, poor Erick: he’s drawing up plans for a sound-proof bunker!
We’ve felt so loved and supported by family and friends during Abigail’s arrival. Thank you!

3 thoughts on “Abigail Esther

  1. Sharol Copeland

    Lovely post… Is this three girls for Faith and her husband? Thanks for sharing and I am So glad your eyes are ok… What was the issue you were having?

    Sent from my iPhone

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