Yes, You’ve Come to the Right Blog


It might be because it’s spring, and I’m feeling that spring cleaning urge.

Or it might be because I’m expecting a baby in two months, and I’m running around buying storage bins and organizing the craft supplies and reconfiguring the closets because I JUST CAN’T STAND THIS CLUTTER ANYMORE!

Whatever it is, I just did it to this blog. I’ve been feeling like the time was right for a major facelift, something that would better reflect what this blog is and where it’s going. So, two things:

1. A new web address. This blog can now be found, quite simply, at If you’ve originally been following it at the address, nothing should change — that address will automatically forward you to the new address. (Let me know, of course, if it doesn’t). I hope this will make it easier and more intuitive to find.

2. A new look. The bones are still the same, but I’ve dressed the blog up a bit. My hope is that its new outfit is a better fit for its personality. This will continue to be a work-in-progress over the next few weeks, so check in to see what’s new!

Finally: FEEDBACK WELCOME! Please let me know what you think: if you like the new blog features, or if you can’t stand it. Above all, I want these to be positive changes. I want you to keep reading, to enjoy coming here. So if my font choices or background colors are bugging you, say the word!

As always, thanks for reading. And happy spring! The sun is shining here in Vermont, and the ground is drying out, so everything feels brand new.

4 thoughts on “Yes, You’ve Come to the Right Blog

  1. Leslie

    I think the background wallpaper and green font is distracting, but I love your posts and would take pleasure in reading them even if animated gifs popped out the text as we scrolled. 🙂

    1. Faith

      Thanks for the feedback, Leslie! I hear you. I’m probably going to give it a little time, but may tweak things some more. Hope all’s well Down Under!

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