Georgia, Bustin’ Out All Over


I am six months pregnant: I feel large, Kiddo 4 is making it increasingly difficult to breathe, and I get winded from walking up one flight of stairs. Not much gets me running these days.

Except for these words: “Mommy, come look what Georgia’s doing!!!”

When I hear that, I know that I can expect to see Georgia balancing on top of a piece of furniture. Or removing all of our  CDs from their cases. Or sitting on the floor holding an empty bottle, surrounded by Erick’s allergy pills. Or programming my computer. Or pummeling one of her sisters.

This kid is a firecracker. She makes Campbell, the child we thought was our “wild one,” look like the Dalai Lama. Our children seem to be getting progressively wilder, which makes us worry about the outlook for Kiddo 4.

It just goes to show that you never really know your child until they turn two. Georgia turns two today.

And no, I am NOT having a Friend Party for her, because sometimes you just have to break from tradition and say, “Enough!” (Or, to put it more mildly, we ARE having a two-year-old Friend Party for Georgia, and the two friends she gets to invite are Fiona and Campbell, with a bonus visit from three of her cousins).

But I am going to stick with tradition and tell you a few fun facts about Georgia as she is right now, just as I’ve done in the past for Fiona and Campbell. Because, unlike last year, this year we’re starting to really know Georgia.

1) Georgia is a lunar girl. I don’t know where this comes from, but Georgia loves the moon. If there’s a moon in any book, she’s the first to point it out (which may explain why her favorite books are Goodnight Moon and Owl Moon). She’s also the first to spot the moon in the sky, even if it’s just the hint of a moon during the day. For some reason, on a family nighttime stroll this fall, we thought it would be fun to howl at the moon. So now, whenever Georgia sees the moon, she yells, “Moon! HOOOOOOOWWWWLLLLL!”


2) Georgia is the most independent of the Gong Girls. I say “independent;” her sisters say “rascally.” This is partly because she wants to be just like her two big sisters, partly because she’s received less supervision than her sisters (so sue me, I’m exhausted!), and partly because she’s lived almost her entire life in Vermont — which breeds a certain kind of independence. Georgia, at barely two, wants to do everything herself: dress herself, cut her food, wash the dishes, and drive the car. She throws herself wholeheartedly into life: art projects, singing and dancing, and temper tantrums. The girl has no fear, which is nice when she’s not afraid to help Erick stack wood outside on freezing pitch-black nights, and not so nice when she disappears upstairs with a mischievous agenda. [Note: Last year, I proclaimed Campbell the “most independent” of our daughters. I proclaimed wrong.]

Georgia, helping herself to an apple.
Georgia, helping herself to an apple.

3) Georgia never met a dog she didn’t LOVE. All of our girls love dogs, but Georgia takes it to extremes. She responds to dogs the same way she responds to the moon: “DOOOOG!!!” If the dog is within reach, she immediately wants to cuddle. “Cuddling,” for Georgia, includes putting each hand on the dog’s cheeks and kissing it square on the mouth. If Gracie, our own amazingly tolerant dog, is sleeping, Georgia will throw her entire body across Gracie’s. I think the only reason Gracie puts up with this is because Georgia’s other favorite activity is to “Give treats!”

Can't a dog get a minute's peace around here?
Can’t a dog get a minute’s peace around here?

So, there you have it: two fun Georgia facts, and one to grow on. We love this third daughter of ours like crazy. But we’re still holding out hope that Kiddo 4 will be “the laid-back one.”

Daddy's little helper.
Daddy’s little helper.

2 thoughts on “Georgia, Bustin’ Out All Over

  1. Kathleen W Smith

    What a fun portrait of Georgia. I look forward to getting to know her as she makes her way through the Sunday School program. Dare I say that it appears to me that independence is a Gong characteristic? I love how fiercely capable they are which is a wonderful trait to have. You and Erick are doing a fabulous job!

  2. Marilyn Freeman

    Happy Birthday Georgia !! I love it when we have nursery duty and Georgia is there !! Mattea, too loved the moon and I still have a fabric book I made, all with pages displaying “the moon” in some fashion !!! I agree with Kathleen, you and Erick are great parents and have a wonderful young family……..can’t wait to SEE # 4 !!!! 🙂

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