3 thoughts on “If You Buy a House in Vermont…Redux

  1. Bryan Alexander

    I read this with a mixture of sympathy and recognition. We’ve been repairing – “furbishing” – our Ripton house for the past decade.
    New windows, new doors (front and back), new porch. Replaced the entire septic system. Replaced half of the bathroom. Ran electrical outlets to new places.
    Not to mention helping the town build and maintain its own, community-based broadband network.

    1. Faith

      Wow, Bryan — just, wow. Especially the part about your septic system, which is what strikes fear into our hearts! I hope you reach a point soon when you can relax and enjoy. That point does exist, right?!? Thanks for reading!

  2. Bryan Alexander

    I suspect we’ll reach that fine situation at some point. We will eventually meet our various needs – aesthetic, farming, safety, etc – and our children will migrate out of the nest. It’s a dim, glimmering vision.

    But for now we relish the delights obtained with each step forwards: the warmth of a well-insulated room, the bounty of a successful crop, children working and playing online. Not to mention our surroundings.

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