First, some sad news from the woods:

R.I.P. Pink Sweetie, 2007-2012

You may remember that, just a few months ago, I wrote about the Sweeties — White and Pink —  on this blog. I’m deeply saddened to tell you that Pink Sweetie, described by Campbell as “the one I love most of all,” is no longer with us.

It happened this past Saturday, a hot and humid day, when we decided to take the ferry across Lake Champlain to get ice cream in the quaint town of Essex, New York. The ferry ride was refreshingly breezy. Very, very breezy. Pink Sweetie was along for the ride. And then, right in the middle of Lake Champlain, Campbell held on to Pink Sweetie a little too loosely, and Pink was ripped from her hands and blown overboard.

The last photo of Pink Sweetie.

All things considered, Campbell has made us proud with her stoicism. After initial cries of “I want to STOP THIS BOAT!” and “How will I sleep without Pink?”, she moved on, embracing her one remaining Sweetie (although the plan apparently is to dye White Sweetie pink as soon as possible), and consoling herself with the idea that Champ, the lake monster who trolls the bottom of Lake Champlain, has now acquired a new blankie.

You were a good Sweetie, Pink, and a very important member of this family. As Campbell once put it, you “smelled like love.” And a water burial seems appropriate; Erick can rest easy that you will never be dirty again. You will be missed.


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4 thoughts on “UNLESS

  1. Greg Vigne

    My condolences to Campbell. I have my first funeral tonight, it looks like I’ll need to bone up for my second!

  2. Stephanie Krier

    First of all, your daughters are little muffins… SO CUTE! Tell Campbell I’m sorry to hear about pink sweetie. I remember when I was babysitting a little boy, his 4th birthday was his last night with his blanket. There were lots of tears, but he felt like a big boy when he woke up the morning and realized he slept fine without it! 🙂

    1. Faith

      Thanks, Steph! It’s amazing how fast they get over it; one day later, when her grandparents heard the story and asked if she was feeling sad, Campbell said, “Not anymore.” The “DUH!” was implied.

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