Oops! Sorry!

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We were out of town all weekend, and apparently my computer felt neglected.

So, when we returned this afternoon and I sat down to start work on a little post about our trip, my computer decided to get passive-aggressive on me. I typed out the title, “Keeping it Weird,” and my computer froze up. I pressed a couple of keys in an attempt to get things started again, and instead got a message congratulating me on publishing my 50th post.

“NOOOO!” I cried, and frantically tried to bury the evidence. I thought I’d succeeded, but WordPress is fast. Very fast.

It was my parents who let me know, of course. Apparently those of you who subscribe to receive updates from The Pickle Patch all got messages saying that a new post, “Keeping it Weird,” was up. But when you visited the site, there was no such thing. This was not an early April Fool’s joke (wish I’d thought of it!) — there just was no post to see.

I assure you that there WILL be an actual “Keeping it Weird” post to read in the near future, and it will be worth the wait. I apologize for any confusion.

The good news is that there will also be an actual new post for you to read tomorrow. It discusses our children’s irrational behavior. Stay tuned.

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