Some Fun Now

This one might be mostly for the grandparents, but it feels like it’s been a while since I posted fun pictures of the girls doing what they do. My recent conversion to the art of doing nothing, combined with illness and winter, has led to all sorts of fun.

Indoor Fun:

Baby in a box!
Fiona modeling her marshmallow necklace.
Turning the storage closet into a little house.

And Outdoor Fun:

Sitting on the sled in the driveway.
Sledding DOWN the driveway.
Hanging out in Campbell's Cave in our backyard.
Georgia getting a lift in our yard.
Fiona atop her "Ice Castle" in our backyard.
Another view of the "Ice Castle." We have awesome rocks in our yard!

And then, this past week, the FUN highlight was Georgia’s First Birthday!

We tend to downplay first birthdays in our house, because, really, the kid doesn’t remember and there are OH! so many birthdays coming along. But Georgia’s birthday was particularly fun because she had two big sisters to plan it.

As these things go, it’s unclear whether Fiona and Campbell were really planning Georgia’s birthday for HER or for THEMSELVES (Fiona: “I think Georgia would LOVE this princess book!”, Campbell: “Georgia really needs a toy car!”), but they decided that the festivities should have a cat theme, and helped me shop for the appropriate paper goods.

The day started with presents. Georgia had some lovely gifts from her family. The “big ticket” item that we gave her was a toy kitchen; we’ve noticed that all of our girls can play for hours with their friends’ toy kitchens. The one we ultimately got is a gently used wooden kitchen, which we found at a great store in Ferrisburg called ReRun Fun.

Georgia enjoying her "new" toy kitchen.
Fiona and Campbell "help" Georgia open her presents. (This is kind of how it goes when you're turning 1).

Because she’s a third child, Georgia spent the rest of her birthday being shuttled around to her sisters’ events, like storytime at the library and swim lessons at the college pool. But back at home for dinner, it was CAKE TIME. The cake was a homemade deal: strawberry cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting (as per her sisters’ instructions). She seemed to enjoy the cake concept, especially her first taste of chocolate.

Georgia approves of her cake.
Georgia, post cake, approves even more.

The final event was planned by Fiona, who thinks that no party is complete without a game of “pin the something on something.” (We’ve done “pin the seeds on the watermelon,” “pin the crown on the princess,” “pin the petals on the flower,” “pin the bone on the dog,” “pin the feather on Pocahontas” — you get the idea). For Georgia’s birthday, it was “pin the tail on the cat.” No surprise: Fiona won.

All partied out, we carried Georgia off to bed. It was a swell party to mark the end of her first year.

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