Let it Snow!

It’s been an unseasonably mild winter here in Vermont thus far. Sure, it’s snowed a bit, but no more than a few inches of accumulation. We keep being reassured that the snow will come in earnest throughout January and February, so we are keeping the faith. But according to our indoor/outdoor thermometer, it’s now 43 degrees outside.

On the other hand, maybe when 43 degrees feels unseasonably warm, we’re really becoming true Vermonters.

Nonetheless, we’ve managed to have some winter fun in the past week. Here are some pictures from a hike we took in our neighborhood, and from our first snowshoeing outing.

Our big discovery in the woods near our house: a partly frozen "waterfall!"
Erick and his girls throw rocks in the stream.
The Gong girls bravely set out on the trek home!
Making a brief stop to sit on the "frozen pond" (really more of a puddle).
Campbell tests out her new snowshoes at the Middlebury College nordic ski course.
How Campbell mostly traveled.
How Georgia traveled.
Fiona at the "Hobbit" trailhead.
Campbell finds a "cave."
Both girls appropriate the cave.
Too much fun isn't good for kids, so we put them to work on the way back.
Back home and stripped down to her base layer, Georgia declares her first snowshoeing trip a big success! (And also displays the 2 front teeth she got for Christmas).

We wish you all a very happy 2012 filled with love, joy, and plenty of bowls to lick.

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