Scenes from a Birthday

Fiona had a spectacular 4th birthday. It involved 2 days of celebration, beginning with cupcakes at preschool, continuing on to a family party, and continuing further with her “friend party” today. As I sit to write this, I have just recently survived a house full of 11 children under the age of 5. So I am going to smack up some photos and then go have a glass of Scotch. If you’d like a more sentimental glimpse of Fiona, please read the previous post; this is all about the parties!

Fiona and Campbell explore the big ticket gift -- mom's old Barbie doll collection -- with Nana.
Fiona with her birthday cupcake at her family party.

The "Fall Harvest" cake for Fiona's friend party (theme: Pocahontas).
Fiona in her Pocahontas costume (courtesy of Grandmommy) in front of the "longhouse" set up in our sunroom.
...and for good measure, in her Mulan costume (also courtesy of Grandmommy).
Two sisters, mom, and cake!
Cake with friends!

Fun times! And while we’re on a roll, tomorrow we’re having Erick’s students over as well. G’night!

One thought on “Scenes from a Birthday

  1. Cindy Han

    Hi Faith,
    Your girls are beautiful and look so happy. It was good to see your mom (Hope) in the picture. You probably know that John Daub’s daughter, 12 years old, is another beautiful Fiona.
    Greetings to Eric and to your parents.
    Cindy (Tammy’s mom)

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