A Shameless Pitch

I promise I won’t use the blog to do this often, BUT…

On Sunday, October 2, Fiona and I are going to be participating in the 2.2-mile Addison County CROP Hunger Walk, which will raise awareness and funds for international relief and development, as well as local hunger-fighting agencies right here in Vermont. As you’ll recall, this has been a particularly difficult year for much of Vermont, with record rain- and snowfall that has resulted in widespread flooding on numerous occasions. We’re very excited for this opportunity to support our new community!

Please join us on this journey, ending hunger one step at a time. We’d be thrilled with any amount you might want to contribute on our behalf. In a huge sacrificial act, Fiona will be skipping her afternoon nap and donating all of her spare change! If you’re interested in supporting us or learning more, just click this link here.

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