As we roll into August, it’s starting to feel like we’re on the back side of summer here in Vermont. The weather has been more reasonable for the past week, Erick’s been going into his office every day to prepare for the start of school, the summer programs that have kept us going to Ilsley Library multiple times each week have ended, and tomorrow Fiona will visit the preschool that she’ll be attending in September. But we’re continuing to enjoy as many summer activities as we can cram in.

Exhibit A: Raspberry picking with Nana and Boom at Champlain Orchards.

The result of our labor, which resulted in delicious raspberry-topped French Toast and two Raspberry Buckles:

Last week I also took the girls blueberry picking at Lower Notch Berry Farm, which yielded 3 pounds of delicious blueberries. But because I was alone with the 3 girls, I somehow neglected to get pictures of that outing!

Living in the woods definitely has its benefits during the summer, in that our house remains pretty comfortable even when it’s sizzling in town. But we did suffer from the Great East Coast Heat Wave of 2011, which sent temperatures up into the 90s. What to do with no air conditioning? Lots of time in the wading pool, popsicles on the back deck, and summer haircuts from “Mom’s Backyard Salon!”

Oh, and let’s not forget hanging out nekkid in the Exersaucer:

This is just one of Georgia’s many new tricks, which also include a new-found interest in solid food…And increased mobility:

A late-July highlight: Campbell turning 2! It’s amazing how quickly they go from this:

To this:

Summer, raspberries, and babies — all so fleeting.

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